"My mum and I started doing 2 Pilates personal training session with Eloise around 4 months ago. We absolutely love our sessions and look forward to them every week. Eloise is a fantastic teacher, keeping things interesting with new moves whilst helping us to perfect our technique. Eloise uses different pieces of equipment and no two classes have been the same. In previous exercise classes, I would usually be clock watching and willing them to be over but our classes with Eloise fly by and I’m never bored.
I can now touch my toes and do ‘the teaser’ both of which didn’t seem possible when I first started. My reoccurring back pain seems non existent and I definitely feel stronger around the core. 
I’ve already recommended Eloise to friends and family and will continue to do so. I’ve tried a few other Pilates classes in the past and the classes with Eloise are by far the best in both enjoyment factor and with how much we progress."
C&S - Sutton Coldfield

"Never having done Pilates before I was advised by my consultant to search out a class to prolong the life of my arthritic hip. I tried a couple of classes at my local Leisure Centre but felt very much an outsider and the exercises were not explained at all well. I then came across an advert for espilates classes and decided to give it a try. I have not looked back!

Eloise is a delight - friendly, inclusive and incredibly knowledgeable. She makes everyone feel relaxed and encourages us to work at just the right individual level to challenge but not damage. She explains the physiology behind the exercises and pays particular attention throughout every movement to check posture, ensuring that backs and other joints are protected. I really look forward to classes and come away feeling toned and chilled. And my hip is much more mobile and less painful too. 

Access to her website between classes provides additional motivation and superb explanations. I really can not recommend her highly enough."

A.B - Sutton Coldfield

"I had alway been interested in joining a Pilates class but couldn’t really find one to fit in with my existing fitness routine and busy lifestyle. 


I was introduced to Eloise’s classes by a friend back in November, she said she had been, thoroughly enjoyed it and that the tutor was really supportive so I thought I’d give it a go .


 I’m so glad I did, I’m addicted !


I’m relatively fit as I do Zumba and a lot of walking but Pilates made me realise that I was lacking in core strength and flexibility. After the first class I felt taller! Inspired and energised . 


As the classes have advanced I have definitely noticed a difference in my inner core and feel stronger and firmer, this is evidenced by my growing ability to perform some of the more challenging aspects of Pilates . 


Eloise is a great teacher, she’s encouraging, fun and approachable and moves you on at a pace to suit your level. 


I’m currently doing a minimum of 2 classes a week and am aiming for 3. There are plenty of classes of varying abilities throughout the week and we have formed some lovely friendships and have a lot of fun .


 I love it and am so glad I finally got  to try Pilates! No going back for me."

S.O - Sutton Coldfield

"Eloise provides a focussed fun and supportive Pilates session! Her classes are just right -  there is always enough of a challenge with just enough motivation. No sergeant-major instruction or any attempt to showcase the impossible! I’m sure everyone, like me comes out with a feeling of success not to mention feeling taller stronger and mentally kind of ‘reset’! 

Eloise is welcoming, personable and very real! It’s like having a really good chat at the end of your day! I don’t have to force myself to go so I feel more virtuous in fact I feel horribly short changed if I can’t attend. Everything Eloise includes is well thought out, clearly explained and most importantly made achievable for all of us. There are never too many of us  so no crowding and every level of class is actually just as challenging as the next in its own way. This means that you can move pretty much between the time slots offered and be safe in the knowledge that there is plenty of technique to focus upon or plenty of add-ons to be picked up!

The pain in both my hips from bursitis has gone and I aim to regain the flexibility I had years ago."

Give it a go - whatever your age- you will love it!!

K.R - Sutton Coldfield

"After many years of going to yoga classes I thought I would give Pilates a try to see what all the fuss was about!

I found Espilates on Facebook as I was new to Sutton Coldfield and thought I would try one of the beginners classes. I was not disappointed and have been going ever since.

Eloise is an excellent teacher- she explains the moves beautifully.

The classes are at varied levels and times which suits my shift pattern. Classes are reasonably priced and as a convert I now buy a block of classes which makes attending more cost effective.

I have found immense benefits from the classes firstly from a fitness point of view and secondly improving my back pain (from 30 years of nursing).

I would highly recommend Pilates and if you are lucky enough to live in the area do give Espilates a try you won’t be disappointed."

Anita - Wylde Green 

"I have been attending classes at espilates for several months the now and cannot recommend them highly enough. 


Classes are relaxed and welcoming no matter what your age or experience level. Each class is varied with a number of options on each exercise depending on ability.


I have really noticed a difference both in my strength and flexibility since beginning these classes.


What ever your fitness level you will definitely benefit from attending these sessions."

M.B - Sutton Coldfield

"The Espilates class with Eloise has benefitted me enormously by helping me with problems to my back and knee. Eloise’s relaxed style helps everyone of differing capabilities to feel comfortable at achieving the level they can attain during the class to obtain the benefit of increased mobility and improved breathing techniques.

The range of exercises she uses are well thought out to work on specific areas each week and are techniques then that can be continued at home to make further improvements.

All the equipment is provided in the class so there is no need to invest in expensive extras to join. She also runs individual sessions which I have personally benefitted from devising a range of specific exercises for me to do at home which have helped me enormously with my knee joint problems as well as my general mobility."

N.W - Sutton Coldfield

"I would highly recommend Eloise's classes to anyone. Since I started a few months ago, I have become completely hooked! I have always tried to keep fit with running but since suffering an injury I felt I needed to find an alternative healthy hobby. I now enjoy attending classes twice a week and can certainly feel the benefits especially with my flexibility and new core strength. I am able to fit in different classes between my work hours and always feel so much better afterwards for it. Eloise is an excellent teacher."

J.M - Sutton Coldfield

"Pilates has made me more aware of my posture, strengthened my core and improved my fitness.I started Pilates five months ago. I have never been a sporty person. At 63yrs and now retired from stressful employment  Pilates has provided me with an opportunity to improve my fitness. Eloise is supportive and motivational. Each class has been different yet builds on the previous skills learnt. If a movement is challenging Eloise gives clear advice and guidance on how to improve. I look forward to the class each week. Thank you Eloise"

J.F - Sutton Coldfield


- Joseph Pilates

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