New Beginner Class Wednesdays 10.30am



If you are new to Pilates or have lost your confidence, Beginner classes are a great place to start. They are also perfect for those who want to refresh their skills after a long break.

You'll learn what Pilates is all about and how to make it benefit you while understanding your body's strengths and weaknesses.




Wednesdays 10.30am


Upstairs Room, St Peter's Church Maney Hill Road


Pilates, Pilates Plus and Gentle Pilates

Simply named, 'Pilates' sessions are right for you if you have experience in Pilates or are used to taking part in regular physical activity. They focus on building full body strength, flexibility and mobility.

'Plus' sessions are for those ready for further progression and additional challenges.

'Gentle' sessions are for those wanting that approach due to aches and pains or having returned from a break.



Thursdays 10am

Fridays 10am


Mondays 5.45pm

Tuesdays 10am

Wednesdays 7pm

Thursdays 11am


Tuesdays 11am

Wednesdays 10am

All classes in the upstairs room St Peter's Church, Maney Hill Road

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Power Pilates

Power sessions are for those with an advanced level of Pilates experience.


They are run at a flowing pace with fewer breaks, and require a significant level of strength and flexibility.

They also require an understanding of the terminology and principles used in Pilates, and move through exercises at an increased tempo with less verbal instruction.


Tuesdays 6pm

Wednesdays 6pm

Upstairs Room St Peter's Church, Maney Hill Road


Standing Pilates

Standing classes evolved from a desire to practice all of the wonderful aspects of Pilates without sitting or lying down.


They take traditional movements from the mat and add an extra dimension whilst enhancing balance, stability, posture and strength. 


Fridays 11am

Upstairs Room St Peter's Church, Maney Hill Road

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Healthy HIIT Pilates

Healthy HIIT combines the benefits and safety of Pilates, with the fantastic results of interval training. It burns fat, is great for your heart, and produces results quickly!

If you are looking to take your training to the next level whilst protecting your body from injury, this is the class for you.

Just like Pilates, there are options for all levels of fitness so you can be confident you won't be out of your depth.


Please note: This session raises your heart rate and is therefore unsuitable for anyone with a cardiovascular condition.


Mondays 7.45pm (Main Hall)

Fridays 5.45pm (Main hall)

St Peter's Church, Maney Hill Road



All places must be booked and paid for online in advance of attending.


All classes are held at St Peter's Church Maney Hill Road and are £8.50 per session with discount passes available.


Eloise is a multi-award winning Pilates teacher with many years experience. She prides herself in being welcoming, motivating and innovative with her sessions.


Any questions please email

Aside from the obvious health benefits, group classes are a fantastic way to meet like-minded, local people. I made some of my best friends at group exercise classes. After the initial trepidation you'll wonder what was ever stopping you and find it becomes something to look forward to in your weekly schedule.