All classes are held in the upstairs room at St Peter's Church, Maney Hill Road and currently have a capacity of 6 people due to Covid-19 restrictions. Our online timetable runs via Zoom.


All classes are £8 and must be booked and paid for online prior to attendance. There is an extensive timetable with options for all abilities and levels of experience. Zoom classes are £6 and can be booked online.


Eloise is a friendly, welcoming and award winning Pilates instructor, extensively trained to work with a host of backgrounds including specialist medical requirements

Aside from the obvious health benefits, group classes are a fantastic way to meet like-minded, local people. I made some of my best friends at group exercise classes. After the initial trepidation you'll wonder what was ever stopping you and find it becomes something to look forward to in your weekly schedule.


Unlimited April Zoom Sessions

Unlimited April Zoom Sessions


These sessions are right for you if:

- You are new to Pilates and/or physical exercise.

- You are returning to or starting an exercise programme after illness or injury.

- You want to be reminded of the fundamentals before moving onto a different level of class. 

They take a gentler pace, with more detailed instruction so you can understand the principles of Pilates and connect with the way your body moves. 

I recommend everyone attends at least one of these classes if trying Pilates for the first time to become familiar with the fundamentals and terminology we use. 

Benefits include improved strength, flexibility and mobility, an enhanced mind/body connection and a general improved sense of physical and mental well-being.


These sessions are right for you if you are experienced in Pilates or have attended level 1 classes and want to progress.

They focus on building strength and mobility, with particular attention paid to movement of the spine and developing muscular strength in the in the centre of the body...Which is so much more than just your abdominals! 

They require an existing level of physical fitness and an understanding of the principles of Pilates. Sessions allow participants to progress the intensity and complexity of exercises learnt at beginner level, whilst also developing an understanding of how to modify them to suit their body's needs.


Level 3 sessions are for those with significant experience of Pilates.


They are run at a flowing pace with fewer breaks, and require an existing level of strength and flexibility.

They also require an understanding of the terminology and principles used in Pilates, and move through exercises at an increased tempo with less verbal instruction.


They're not necessarily about being able to 'do everything', but instead knowing your body well enough to know where to modify or adapt...Or even add that extra challenge!

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