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Pilates for Breast Cancer Recovery

Pilates is an incredible way to help regain your sense of wellbeing, restore movement, develop strength and enhance your recovery. Its gentle, safe and effective nature means it is accessible to everyone and can be modified to suit all needs post-surgery, treatment and reconstruction.

Movement during the recovery process can help promote blood circulation which in turn increases oxygen supply and encourages healing.

I have been specially trained to work with those recovering from breast cancer. My knowledge allows me to design programmes to meet the challenges and needs faced on an individual basis. I have already helped various clients regain strength and range of movement and prevent tightness in their affected areas post surgical intervention.

Please note participation in any programme is subject to approval by your care provider.

In conjunction with Breast Cancer Care and the breastcare nurses at Good Hope Hospital, I deliver talks as an 'Activity and Energy Speaker' as part of their 'Moving Forward' course.

The course objective is to support patients once their hospital treatment for breast cancer has finished or is coming to an end, providing help with transitioning from regular contact with a healthcare team to self-management post-treatment.

For further information visit the Breast Cancer Care website:

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