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Terms and conditions

Covid 19


Participation is strictly subject to observation of Covid 19 guidelines which must be read prior to attendance and observed at all times. You can view the guidelines here:

Refunds and cancellations

Sessions must be booked and paid for online prior to attendance. They may be cancelled with 24 hours notice either through the website or by contacting If 24 hours notice is given you are entitled to a refund.

Medical conditions

All participants will be asked to complete a standard medical screening questionnaire when participating in a class for the first time. If the results of this questionnaire deem it unsafe for the individual to take part in the class, espilates reserve the right to refuse participation without notice. 

If the health of a participant changes during the time they are taking classes with us, it is the responsibility of the participant to notify us or withdraw should they be advised by a health care professional not to continue.

It is the responsibility of the participant to consultant with a doctor and gain clearance from him or her to attend a Pilates class if they are in any doubt about their physical health or know of a reason that may prevent them from participating.


If the participant has a health condition that may affect their participation that has been cleared by a doctor it is their responsibility to make espilates aware of this and provide the relevant clearance documentation.


espilates reserves the right to refuse participation by anybody who may be at risk from taking part.


Participants must follow the instruction of the espilates teacher at all times. Failure to do so is the responsibility of the individual and not espilates.

Participants must ensure their exercise space is clear from any obstructions or hazards.

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