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5 Year Anniversary Party

On 17th September 2022 we celebrated 5 years of Espilates at Wishaw Country Sports. 

When I started teaching Pilates I wanted to create a welcoming, unintimidating and community-based environment where people could enjoy exercise.


Bringing people together was always part of my vision - further cemented by the difficulties of lockdown life.


The evening was the perfect occasion to see my goals realised, and thank everybody for their loyalty and support over the years.  

Highlights of the evening included the Pilates Oscars where awards were given for Best Male and Female in a Pilates Class Environment, Best Newcomer, Best Supporting Male and Female in a Non-Pilates Class Environment, Best At Home Pilates Performance, and a Life Time Achievement Award.

Teaching out of a Community led venue may not have the prestige or grandeur of state of the art gym environments, but what it doesn't have in mirrored walls and sprung floors, it makes up for in personality, quality of teaching, dedication and heart.


Thank you to everyone that has been part of the journey so far. 


Aside from the obvious health benefits, group classes are a fantastic way to meet like-minded, local people. I made some of my best friends at group exercise classes. After the initial trepidation you'll wonder what was ever stopping you and find it becomes something to look forward to in your weekly schedule.

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