All participants are kindly asked to read the following guidelines before attending class for their own safety and protection.


Please stay at home if not

Please DO NOT ATTEND CLASS if you are feeling generally unwell or experiencing any Coronavirus symptoms. If in doubt or awaiting test results, please also DO NOT ATTEND. You can view the NHS guidance on Coronavirus symptoms here:

If you have attended a class and develop symptoms or are diagnosed please contact Eloise immediately so that our track and trace system can be implemented.


Follow the signs in single file

Please enter the building via the designated entry point on the LEFT HAND SIDE as you approach the church from Maney Hill Road. Please note this is the opposite door to that we have previously used.

Please do not congregate while waiting for doors to open. The door will be manned by Eloise and opened 5 minutes prior to the class start time to ensure everyone is present and in their allocated space before beginning. If you arrive after this time and the door is closed you will not be allowed entry.

Please exit via the designated fire exit within the upstairs room and do not congregate outside. You will be dismissed individually to ensure social distancing.

Travel in single file as you enter and exit the building.

Please note that if you have not booked and paid for a space online prior to attending you will not be allowed entry.


Avoid spreading germs

When entering the building please avoid touching surfaces or door handles (the doors will be opened and closed for you) and use the sanitiser provided. The hand rail for the stairs will be sanitised between sessions for those that need to use it. Please also avoid touching windows in the upstairs room (these will be left open), or doors (the entry door will be left open with a privacy screen).

There will be no hands on correction from your instructor during class. 


Windows will be open

In order to remain adequately ventilated the windows will be open during class. Please bring an extra layer if the temperature requires it. 


You can read the full risk assessment by clicking on the link below.


Set a reminder

We will not be able to provide equipment for safety reasons therefore you will need to bring your own mat.


Please be mindful of others

Place your mat within one of the designated spaces that is socially distanced from others. Do not move outside of your mat or use hooks, shelves etc to place any of your belongings. We recommend arriving ready for class with a bag in which you can place your shoes/coat etc within your space. Do not approach the front of the room to speak to the instructor, or other mats to speak to other participants.


Come prepared

To minimise risk we are asking participants to avoid using toilet facilities, including for changing purposes.


On entry and exit

Wearing protective equipment such as masks isn't mandatory inside class. For the comfort and safety of attendees we do kindly ask that you wear one when entering and exiting the building, and remove it when on your mat space should you wish.


Scan the QR code on entry

All participants with smart phones are kindly asked to scan the QR code on entry.