Take your Pilates home...

The Espilates workshop series provides you with the knowledge, tools and resources to take your Pilates home.

Each session has been developed to address questions and areas of concern that arise regularly in class through structured Q&A, detailed instruction and practical application. In addition, supporting reference materials will enable you to practice what you have learned outside of the workshop and accelerate results and progress in your own environment.

The afternoons are intimate to ensure individual attention, and suitable for all levels of experience. Where the workshop features the use of a prop they are included in the fee.

Feel the benefits.

April 25th 2020, 2-5pm

The Small Ball

The small ball is one of the most versitile Pilates aids...and it's also great fun! In this workshop we expand on themes such as posture and back care, developing stability, supporting troublesome joints, and relieving tension, aches and much  more!

The session will give all the tools and knoweldge you need to take your Pilates home...and feel the benefits.

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Eloise Saunders

13th June 2020, 2-5pm

The Resistance Band

The resistance band is a fantastic tool for improving both strength and flexibility throughout the body in a way that is adjustable and can be tailored to suit what you need. In this workshop we look at how to develop strength where you need it most, and ways to stretch for a whole host of benefits including reduced risk of injury, improved movement, posture, balance and vitality.

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Eloise Saunders