Staying active is so important for your mental and physical health. Not only does regular physical activity boost your immune system but it decreases stress and anxiety too and helps aid restful sleep. Plus there are the obvious benefits that Pilates brings regardless of where you practice it! Enhanced muscle tone and strength, better movement and flexibility...the list is a long one!

Thanks to modern technology, you can still exercise at home. We offer streamable classes, online videos and virtual, personalised training programmes to help you do so.


    Access videos to follow at home separated according to ability to remain safe and accessible for all.

    Filmed by both Eloise and Isaura they will address and explore common themes - with extra attention being paid to what your body needs right now! Relaxation, stress relief, some good old fashioned hard work...we'll cover it all so you don't miss out.

    Choose the level or type of class you usually attend and watch the video as many times as you want during a 7 day period (Monday to Sunday). After 7 days the videos will be removed and/or refreshed.

    Stay active and off the sofa and continue to feel the benefits of attending class!

    Videos require a wifi connection and you will be provided with a link to access upon notification of use.


    £5 per video with unlimited use for the week.

    £10 unlimited access to all videos and virtual classes per week



    If you subscribe to Espilates Weekly (unlimited videos and live classes) you have access to 14 full length live sessions separated according to ability. The timetable is as follows:


    5.30pm Barre (Isaura)

    6.45 Classical (Isaura mixed)


    8.20am Powerhouse express (Int/Adv)

    10am Beginner/Improver 

    6pm Intermediate/Advanced


    8.20am Power (Int/Adv)

    9.45am Stomach strength builder 

    10.30am Barre Express 


    10am Intermediate/Advanced 

    6pm Beginner/Improver 


    9.45am Stomach strength builder 

    1pm Ultimate abs (Isaura) (Int/Adv)

    10.30pm Barre Express

    5.00pm Conditioning

    If you attend classes with us you can head to the 'EspilatesUK' Facebook page and join our 'Espilates Community Group'.

    The group will stream a weekly charity class with donations going to NHS Heroes Birmingham. Simply ask to join the group from within the Facebook page. The live class time will be posted on a weekly basis. 


    Full length live sessions are included in weekly subscriptions,


    Community sessions request a donation to charity.


"My mum and I started doing 2 Pilates personal training session with Eloise around 4 months ago. We absolutely love our sessions and look forward to them every week. Eloise is a fantastic teacher, keeping things interesting with new moves whilst helping us to perfect our technique. Eloise uses different pieces of equipment and no two classes have been the same. In previous exercise classes, I would usually be clock watching and willing them to be over but our classes with Eloise fly by and I’m never bored.


I can now touch my toes and do ‘the teaser’ both of which didn’t seem possible when I first started. My reoccurring back pain seems non existent and I definitely feel stronger around the core. 


I’ve already recommended Eloise to friends and family and will continue to do so. I’ve tried a few other Pilates classes in the past and the classes with Eloise are by far the best in both enjoyment factor and with how much we progress."

—  C & S - Sutton Coldfield


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