Eloise is the founder of Epsilates and spends over 30 hours a week teaching group classes and providing personal training to a wide range of clients - from sports people to those recovering from or suffering from inury and/or chronic illness.


Eloise's expertise lie in developing muscular strength and felxibility in order to help compliment, reinstate or kick start a physical activity programme. She's specially trained to work with those in recovery from Breast Cancer, diagnosed with Neurological Conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke and Dementia, or with bone and joint disorders. She's well known to add a twist to sessions to ensure they remain engaging, rewarding and challenging for participants!

"My Pilates journey started when I was recovering from one of the many sporting injuries I sustained at a younger age. At the time I had no idea how much it would change my body, mind and life. I incorrectly assumed gentle forms of exercise such as Pilates couldn't really have an impact on your physical appearance or wrong I was! As I continue to grow Espilates I hope to share the benefits I have experienced from Pilates with others."

Eloise has recently been awarded the Coporate Livewire Award for Bimringham Pilates Instructor of the Year 2019, and Instructor of the month by JPilates in London.


Isaura graduated from Bath Spa University with a BA(Hons) in Dance having trained originally in ballet and then contemporary movement. She began going to Pilates classes while studying in order to help maintain good mental health and improve postural alignment and control of breath in her discipline.

Upon completing her degree, Isaura continued Pilates to help remain active, finding it improved her mobility, strength and flexibility while dancing less. Having been inspired by the mental and physical benefits of Pilates, she went on to train with the prestigious JPilates Ltd. in London in order to gain her Active IQ Level 3 Pilates Instructor certification. Alongside learning the fundamentals and principles of Pilates, her course also gave insight into the history of Pilates and how it can be used to help people with injury or illness.

“My love of Pilates is rooted in the freedom of movement it provides people who otherwise thought they couldn’t. It partners so well with my dance studies where I specialised in human anatomy, the way in which the body moves, the mind/body connection and the way movement and breath can be used to help improve both mental and physical health.

I enjoy using imagery and visualisations during my classes to serve both mental and physical benefits, and provide another way of learning. I also like to adapt the original Pilates exercises to bring diversity and creativity to sessions, keeping things fresh and interesting whilst always making movements accessible so everyone can enjoy the benefits. “

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