What makes us different?

At this time of year we are inundated with choices regarding how we improve our health and lifestyles over the coming months. Pilates has become a very popular form of exercise, and knowing where to start and who to start your journey with can be a difficult decision. Here are some of the things we pride ourselves on that we think set us apart from the rest.

  1. We're award winning: Birmingham Prestige awards Pilates Instructor of the Year, JPilates Associates Instructor of the Month, Luxury Travel Guide Pilates Classes of the Year!

  2. We're highly trained, and never stop learning: Both Isaura and Eloise continue to attend regular CPD training in London. Sports and medical science continue to we make sure our teaching evolves with it!

  3. We welcome, and don't intimidate: Going into an exercise environment for the first time can be very daunting...we make sure that when you do so, your experience is welcoming and fun. There's no such thing as not being very good at something - we all have our strengths and weaknesses and we are here to welcome and nurture them!

  4. We're social: In 2019 we held a retreat for over 20 people, a huge party at a local gin bar, and raised £500 for charity!

  5. We're local, small, and competitively priced: Most of our classes have a maximum capacity of 12 and are held at a local church venue. However despite the small class size we still provide excellent value for money.

  6. We're trained to work with a wide range of medical backgrounds: Eloise has undergone training to work with groups and individuals diagnosed with a range of neurological conditions, bone and joint conditions, and those in recovery from or receiving treatment for breast cancer. She extends this work to local and national charities.

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