There are some fantastic books available to help learn more about Pilates, improve your technique and get some further home workout ideas. I recommend the following:

Written again by Brooke Siler, this book focuses very much on the classical side of Pilates and reaches deep into the original mat exercise programme. There's some great cues to really help understand the moves and improve your technique and execution of them. This book is a regular on every Pilates instructor's shelf and whilst published 18 years ago, is very highly respected in the community.

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Brooke Siler is a big name in the Pilates community - Living and working in New York City she has an impressive list of A list clients.


This book is fantastic for those looking to progress their Pilates as it breaks the 34 original mat exercises into variations to help suit your ability, then builds a programme out of them for you to follow at home at the end of each chapter. The illustrations and explanations are easy to follow, and there are specific sections dedicated to correcting postural problems. She also explores the use of props and apparatus, and gives interesting and easy to follow explanations to common questions.

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The Pilates ball brings an extra dimension to your workout. It can be used to help improve technique, challenge stability or improve muscle tone.

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The Pilates ring can help build strength and muscles tone, plus doubles up as a flexibility aid and a tool to help improve technique.

You can but from Mirafit here:

Resistance bands are a great felxibility aid and can help assist you with challenging exercises. Like other props they can also be used to help improve muscle strength and tone.

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